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Our accomplices

Together They Form the Essence of Casa Santiago

Mexican Artisan


Recreate is a responsible and accessible consumer alternative for Mexican products. It is a project that seeks to promote another job based on fair trade. An online marketplace with physical outlets that seeks to combat fast fashion and promote the financial and digital inclusion of Mexican artisan producers and semi-industrialized producers. People from Oaxaca, Guerrero, Veracruz and other regions of Puebla participate.


Handmade soaps

Oliva 60

Its a Querétaro company of olive oil soaps. “Signature Soap” that guarantees a unique and exclusive design for each hotel Soaps Oliva60 for hotels.


Skin Care

Yucatán Senses

Yucatan Senses decides to take the best of the region’s products to create chemical-free products by proposing a change in skin care and the environment. Proportional to the market, liquid soaps, body lotions, shampoo, hair chest, scouring pads, nail brushes, hair and facials, sunscreens, and endless personal care products ensuring the health of your skin and hair.


Casa Santiago Hotel - Productos mexicanos - Shampoo Senses
Casa Santiago Hotel - Productos mexicanos - Agua Zoe

Bottled Alkaline Water

Zoe Water

Zoé Water is alkaline water. They know that water is the best solvent that exist. They seek to help improve the performance of your body by regulating acidity levels and your quality of life. Zoe Water Wins Best Bottled Drink – Well Prizes 2016


Comfort in the Rooms

Home Textiles

Vivenda aims to create unique experiences of rest. Its design is in collaboration with the UAM Sleep Disorders Clinic, they investigate the most common rest problems in Mexico, in this way they have a scientific basis to develop products that help improve sleep quality and, therefore, a better quality of life.


Casa Santiago Hotel - Habitación - Sabanas